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Digital Grocer Podcast

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Digital Grocer Podcast
35 minJUN 4
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Join us on Tuesday June 16, 2020 for a webinar where we’ll share insights and takeaways with David Bishop from Brick Meets Click on Grocery Pandemic Trends.Register to save your seat today.

In our season finale, we’re joined by David Bishop from Brick Meets Click to talk about grocery pandemic trends in eCommerce. Central to our discussion are the findings from the May 2020 Brick Meets Click/Mercatus shopper survey. With online grocery sales growing 23% from April to May, reaching a record $6.6B in sales, it’s clear that adoption of grocery eCommerce is here to stay. 

Sylvain and Mark start by considering the significant events impacting the US, and the world, these past few months, weeks and days. 

With the immense shift that COVID has brought to the retail industry, Sylvain notes the importance of investing in digital commerce.

”When you think of the pandemic, retailers that rely on the exploration aspect of people coming into their stores, if they're not reinventing themselves, it's going to be a challenge.”

As shoppers continue to make more purchases online, David notes the household penetration of grocery eCommerce since COVID: a staggering 33%, at 43 million households across the US. 

So where should retailers invest to increase eCommerce adoption? David suggests curbside grocery pickup. 

“When we get into delivery, it tends to skew toward older consumers or wealthier consumers. The pickup tends to skew towards the lower income households, and that has implications for what we’re now dealing with. And one more reason why we believe pickup is going to see a second surge from what we saw a year ago, as we deal with the financial calamity that is coming out of this health crisis.”


Tune in to the full podcast and register now for the webinar on June 16 to hear more insights from our CEO Sylvain Perrier and David Bishop from Brick Meets Click on grocery pandemic trends. 

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