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Digital Grocer Podcast

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Digital Grocer Podcast
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This podcast, we learn how Raley’s responded to crisis, in the wake of COVID-19. From new store policies on social distancing to contactless grocery pickup and delivery, Zac Wilson (Manager of eCommerce at Raley’s) shares how grocers can adapt to increased eCommerce demand from this pandemic.

Zac shares the many ways in which Raley’s responded to the Coronavirus outbreak, including: 
Social distancing for shoppers and employees in-store
Assembly line-style pick, pack and processing to optimize for online grocery orders
Rapid hiring and onboarding of employees to support fulfillment and call centers
Contactless grocery delivery and pickup
Fortifying IT systems

One of the impacts Zac notes, was a need to adjust their roadmap, “The concentration has been fully on the customer experience and team member experience. So we've ramped up all of our production around increasing capacities for the pickers and the associates inside the store on their devices. And then at the same time, also increased the capacities on our white label solutions and our vendor servers. So with the increase in volume, the one thing that we wanted to make sure that we didn't have happen is have the website crash or have our delivery partner, their systems crash as well.”

We asked, what advice would Zac give to other grocers responding to COVID-19?

You need to, “prepare yourself, your teams to understand that we have to continue to build for what's coming and also take care of our team members, take care of our customers, and most importantly, take of your families. So it's great right now that everybody's putting in the time and the energy, but at some point everybody's going to get rundown. So make sure to take care of yourself and then just continue to plan for what this looks like because we imagine coming out of this on the eCommerce side, our new runner rate being double what it was coming into it. So this is really the pivotal point in which customers are now going to choose to use that option more than they did before.”

Listen to the full podcast to get a retailer's perspective on handling the COVID-19 outbreak, based on how Raley’s responded to crisis.

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