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Digital Grocer Podcast

Mercatus Technologies

Digital Grocer Podcast
20 minJAN 23
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We’re joined on the Digital Grocer Podcast by Jeremy Neren, CEO of GrocerKey. Both being grocery eCommerce solution providers, we had the chance to talk with Jeremy about common challenges that we see retailers facing in eCommerce, including the need for clean product data. Jeremy shares his predictions for eCommerce grocery in 2020 and advice to a grocery retailer looking to get into eCommerce.

Jeremy explains how GrocerKey approaches the issue of clean product data for retailers. “Product data means different things to different people…To us, it’s how do you standardize product data and how do you build really rich attributes that then lend themselves to a better customer experience.”

Sylvain, Mark and Jeremy go on to discuss how product data and data governance affect three important aspects of the grocery eCommerce experience:



The presentation layer

Jeremy shares predictions for eCommerce grocery in 2020, noting a big movement he anticipates in the market. “One of the big things is the marketplace movement. I do think this is going to be a huge year for that. Just because there’s been so many retailers reliant on them that are starting to acknowledge that’s not the long term answer.”

In closing, we asked Jeremy to share his advice to retailers looking to get into grocery eCommerce.

“Taking a step back initially and saying ‘What are we truly trying to accomplish from a business standpoint?’. Not just setting up the technology and standing it up in a corner. That doesn’t accomplish anything for anyone. And I think really focusing on the fundamentals of what is the customer experience, not only on the technology side, but transitions all the way into the customer experience, when I come pick up my order or the order is delivered to my home.”

Listen now to hear the full podcast and learn more about how grocery eCommerce solution providers in the market are helping grocers build successful eCommerce experiences for their shoppers.

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