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Digital Grocer Podcast

Mercatus Technologies

Digital Grocer Podcast
19 minJAN 25
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In our last episode recorded at NRF 2020, the team discusses major themes and takeaways from the conference. Two key topics were:

the impact of grocery eCommerce on health and wellness, and

how to identify a technology solution that will bring value to a grocery retailer’s business.

Thinking back to the podcast interview we had with Ron Bonacci from Weis Markets, we consider his emphasis on the important part retailers play in their customers’ nutritional choices.

Sylvain notes, “Grocery retailers are the first line of defence- and the first line of offence- in terms of your health. That’s fairly critical in this day and age. We’re not getting any younger and we’re dealing with an aging population.”

And while a large part of the population is aging, we’re also seeing a shift in the population’s shopping behaviors. Mark points to how shoppers expect more from retailers nowadays. “Consumers are buying more online and they want to have the information, but they also want the tools to be able to do the thinking for them, so that it’s not a laborious process.”

With so many new technology solutions emerging in the market, the team considers how to identify solutions that provide true value to a grocery retailer’s business. “When a piece of technology lands on [a retailer’s] lap, it needs to be really thought out. It actually needs to be extremely concrete and you need to be able to explain the value proposition clearly to a retailer on how it’s going to help them convince a consumer to add an extra item to the basket, lower their costs, and quite frankly help them increase margin, and ultimately revenue.”

Tune in to hear the full podcast, live from the NRF 2020 exhibit floor!

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