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Digital Grocer Podcast

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Digital Grocer Podcast
34 minAPR 10
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Remarkable Retail will be available in stores and online for purchase on April 14. Order your copy now!


This episode we’re talking about Remarkable Retail, a new book by retail industry expert, Steve Dennis. We’re joined on the Digital Grocer Podcast by Steve himself, to talk about how retail leaders can win and keep customers in the age of digital disruption.

We consider what shifts have happened in retail that have led to digital disruption. But while digital commerce has been widely adopted, Steve notes that retail success lies in both digital and brick-and-mortar channels. 

“A lot of eCommerce works really, really well and you don't necessarily need a brick and mortar presence to make that happen. But shopping is inherently more experiential and that's what brick and mortar really, really excels at...very few customers are purely channel specific in their behavior. Digital drives physical. Physical drives digital. There's a ton of research that supports that now.”

And that success is tripled when these channels are thought of as one whole customer experience. 

“Digital channels actually drive three times as many brick and mortar sales as they do sales that are transacted in the online channel. You just really have to think of digital as a way to engage with the customer. Some customers will choose to transact online. Some customers will use the digital channel to inform which stores they choose to go to, whether they buy online, pick up in store.”

So what can leaders do to create a Remarkable Retail experience that builds shopper loyalty?
Understand your shoppers and dissect their customer journeys
Identify pain points of points of friction and root them out
Focus on the part of the brand experience that is proprietary to your brand and build on that

“Ideally, which is like literally what I mean by remarkable in the book, people will talk about you. What are those things that the customer really cares about that creates a story for them that they will ideally share with others?”

To learn more about how retail leaders can create Remarkable Retail experiences, tune in to the full podcast.


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