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Poker Divas

Ellen Leikind

Poker Divas
60 min2018 OCT 11
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Segment 1 Ellen warmly welcomes her listeners after traveling across the country for many different Poker Divas events. She explains how today’s show is Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. She explains, for her, that poker table is the best place to figure this out. She talks about her first experience about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. She talks about how your body language can also be a sign of you being uncomfortable.Segment 2 Ellen introduces her guest, Manoj Rajwani, who she meet in a Poker Divas event from last year. He talks about how he was in the possible of being uncomfortable. He even talks about how life can make uncomfortable. I am a duck that is calm above water, but I am flapping like crazy underneath. He explains how people can show off certain of vulnerability. People has unconscious biases.Segment 3 Ellen and Manoj talking about being comfortable with uncomfortable. Ellen shares that some people are uncomfortable with confrontations, asking for money, asking for a new job, etc. Manoj explains how you should comfortable with their identity to be able to deal with these situations. People can’t be hiding under the table in this situation.Segment 4 Ellen and Manoj are giving ways of how to be comfortable with uncomfortable as well as standing up for yourself, especially in the workplace. Keep an open line of communication. Ellen thanks Manoj for being on the show and giving his insights. Ellen strengthen some of Manoj’s insights. In closing, Ellen gives a few insights about how to deal with uncomfortable situations while being comfortable.