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Poker Divas

Ellen Leikind

Poker Divas
57 min2018 AUG 29
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This week we will talk about getting over a bad beat. We’ve all experienced it . You do everything right and still lose.How do you get over what we call in poker a bad beat and unemotionally move on to the next hand relationship or job?Often there is nothing you could have done to prevent the loss but it still gets under your skin.We’ve all experienced it. Think about a situation where you played your cards right but just couldn’t win the hand. And it is particularly aggravating when the other person does everything wrong and wins.This affects us in business, at home and in personal relationships. Whether it’s not getting a new job, a raise or a promotion, or a failed romantic or family relationship.We’ll talk about how to get over these bad beats with our guest Sharon Raider founder of Fifteen Minute Meditation. Segment 1Welcome to Poker Divas with Ellen Leikin discusses how to get over a bad beat and when things don’t go your way and not to go on a tilt.Ellen special guest is Sharon Raider. Sharon had a debilitating disease which lead her on a quest to improve her condition.Out of that adversity a meditation business was form and a passion for helping people to achieve their life goals. Sharon discusses what she has learned from poker is a microcosm of life and has taught her the skill to see things from a different perspective.Segment 2Sharon discusses how she still feels the sting of her loss and how to get over a bad beat at the poker table. She speaks on not allowing the game to get her rattled up and learning to shake it off and listening to music to soothe her. Ellen touches on how we get what we focus on and Sharon discusses how she plays for low stakes and that some people like to talk about their own bad beats to strengthen their own ego.Ellen and Sharon talk about people that tend to focus on what is bad instead of focusing on the good things and the differences in reaction of gender behavior at the poker table. Ellen opens up about how men have a tougher time in the beginning but they tend to get over losses quicker than women . Not all bad beats are bad and that out of some losses comes very big wins. Sharon shares a very interesting story about Thomas Edison and seeing the greatness in disaster.Segment 3Ellen and Sharon discusses how meditation can be instrumental in overcoming a bad beat. How we cannot get stuck in past mistakes and managing our own energy and meditation helps manage your focus.Segment 4 Ellen and Sharon close out the show by touching on the the behaviors of people who are frustrated and go on tilt and try to seek revenge. How people hurt their reputation, career and relationships when seeking retaliation. If you would like more information Sharon Raider can be found at fifteenminutemeditation.com