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Poker Divas

Ellen Leikind

Poker Divas
59 min2018 DEC 6
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Today’s show is about the power of perception and building your brand or as we say in poker crafting your table image.How do you consciously and deliberately craft the image you want and make perception work for you.Ellen Leikind Founder and CEO of PokerDivas will talk with Susan Gunelius President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc. a marketing communications company about:•-How to create your personal brand or table image•-Perception versus reality•-The importance of being visible or being the bettor•-Knowing when you need to change your brand•-Mixing up your brand or game based on who you are playing with•-The consequences of not being authenticTune in to learn more!Segment 1Ellen warmly welcomes her listeners. Poker is about reading other people, setting the tone and the pace, how to deal with  a bully, etc. It’s not only for a poker game, but it can also apply to real life. Ellen introducedSusan Gunelius, President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a marketing communications company. Today’s show will be about creating your personal brand and the importance of being visible, plus the negative aspect of it. Susan talks about consistency in your “image” or brand name. Think about who your audience is.Segment 2Ellen and Susan continue their discussion on brand names and the strategies you need to maintain your personal brand. Ellen opens the floor about how social media can be a great help in marketing yourself and talks about how a LinkedIn profile can benefit you professionally. It is imperative to make sure your page reflects who you are as a person. People need to pay attention to the quality of content they post on a daily basis. Susan provides insight about the importance of being authentic when it comes to building your personal brand. She points out that timing is key when you are trying to get your brand name out into the marketing world.Segment 3Ellen opens up with a story about how certain brands are always marketed to one gender, over the other. She gives an example, using her own company name. Ellen points out how it’s memorable and unique. You want to be memorable. Ellen encourages those to be unique and be confident in yourself. You want to try to stand out, but be on “brand”. She talks about the way you put yourself together and the way you interact with people. Your human component is part of your brand as well. She suggests to sit down and write down the important aspect of yourself. It’s hard to appeal to everyone.Segment 4In closing, Ellen talks about what to include in your personal brand. She points out how different celebrities put themselves out there. She used Justin Bieber as an example. She also talks about getting over the fear of using social media. There is a generational gap when it comes to the knowledge of social media, it’s all about perception. Ellen mentions that you have to mix up your game, especially to keep up with the times or change into a different field. Ellen gives different kinds of social media platforms to start out with if you are a beginner.