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Poker Divas

Ellen Leikind

Poker Divas
57 min2018 SEP 6
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Join us this week as we talk about perception or as we say in poker your table image. Things are not always as they seem. Looks can definitely be deceiving and gender plays a big role in this.Some of it you can control some of it is not so easy.We’ll talk about:•What people look at when they first meet you•Projecting the table image you want in business and in life•Paying attention to other people’s table images to help you get ahead•How misreading someone’s table image can hurt you both personally and professionally   Segment 1 Today’s Poker Divas is going to be taling about perception of you and the people around you. What is your perception of the people around? A story about how people view this woman at a poker game and how she missed with their heads. Not every introvert shouldn’t be feared. Everyone always make the wrong perception or assumption of anyone. It can be related to gender, religion, race, and many others. Decipher reality and perception. What happens when othe people misread because of the wrong “table image”? Questions to ponder: What is the first think you think when you see someone? What does their clothes, body posture, smell, etc. say about them? -“Knowing yourself is wisedom, knowing other is enlightment” -Lao Tzu Segment 2 The continued talk about your table image is how a person perceive you. You can control how you portray image. Sometimes you can’t see people, you have to dig deeper to understand someone. People fake their personalities. Don’t focus so much on yourself, focus on the people around you. How much space do you take up? Andrew, a guest caller, who Ellen met at the poker table. Andrew talks about about the image he tries to portray himself as well as the perception of people around him and how they look at him. Segment 3 Continuing the discussion of reading the other people image at your “poker table”. Andrew advises to “always know your strategy.” Peronsality can be different from the way you look. Looks and speech can be important to understanding people. Don’t be deceptive to yourself or others. Deceptive can be consider a strategy. Your table image isn’t always going to be same.  Segment 4 What happens when your table image isn’t what you want? Poker has a bad image because of how movie portray them. Poker games were hard to get sponsors. Ellen talks about the different ways that you can change your “table image” Always ask people, your friends and family, about how you are. Ellen’s advise: If you’re not interested, don’t ask. Show people the effort of changing the image on a daily basis. Learn more about how to change your perception of people around you as well as changing your image towards those people that’s around you.