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Triple Your Customers Podcast

Adam Gazari

Triple Your Customers Podcast
14 MIN2016 MAY 19
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Your business will grow but at a much slower pace if you are constantly looking for new customers. It's too much time wasted, and expensive. You have to nurture your existing customers. Keep in touch with them, guide them on how they can gain the fullest benefits of your products or services, and let them know about special promotions and sales that are available only to existing customers. The more you can convince your customers they're important to you, the more likely they will remain as your customers.
But you also want your customers to create more customers for you. As such, you have to do more than just keeping in touch, solving their problems and giving them special promotions. Because these are what you are expected to do as business owners. So what can you do so your existing customers would roll up their sleeves and start broadcasting to all their friends, relatives, acquaintances and neighbours to buy from you?