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Triple Your Customers Podcast

Adam Gazari

Triple Your Customers Podcast
12 MIN2016 MAY 26
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For an entrepreneur, your business is the star of your life. It’s what you wake up every morning to get to work on.

But a successful business and here’s the secret makes the customer the Hero. You, the proprietor, aren’t the hero. Nor is your marketing, your logo, your processes, your technology. The customer.

Let me say it again: To build a great customer experience you need to build a story where your customers are the Heroes. It’s great to have a sexy brand and stylish marketing, and so on, but for your business to succeed, it has to be about making your customer, the hero in the story.

Once you understand who is the Hero, and commit to never, ever upstaging them, you can get to work.

Most businesses can’t help themselves, they constantly talk about their products and services, even though they can now easily discovered that nobody’s engaging with that material, sharing it, or paying attention.

You have stories, you communicate with customers every day, and you understand what customers are trying to accomplish (their challenges). The verbal stories you’ve been telling need to be told online, primarily on your website and then amplified through the social channels. Telling your customer’s stories is easier than trying to talk about yourself all the time!

Good story telling is so important to modern marketing. Nobody cares about facts and figures. Customers want to know what you can do for them and the best way to convey that message is to present the prospect with a current customer they can relate to who tells the story of how working with you made them successful.

This is part 2 of 3 where you will discover the ‘harmless’ common mistakes and how you can avoid them. And when you know how to take care of your existing customers, high chances that they will be loyal to your business and they will stay by your side always.

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