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Career Adventure Podcast with Nate Clayberg

Nate Clayberg, CEcD

Career Adventure Podcast with Nate Clayberg
12 MIN2019 JUL 26
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Presenting Sponsor of the Career Adventure Podcast*The Motivators Assessment* Learn more about what really motivates you at  www.whatmotivates.me What motivates me? Problem Solving, Learning, Developing Others, Pressure, Excitement, Impact, and Autonomy -----

Welcome aboard the Career Adventure Podcast. The show dedicated to changing the dynamic with parents, educators, and coaches in helping to guide students to a purposeful, prosperous and passionate life after graduation. 

I believe that people should do work that motivates them and fits what they are wired to do.  And this show is designed to help you find that pathway to a successful Career Adventure. 

This is the prequel, the backstory on why I am doing this and where I am hoping to see it go.

One questions you may have for me? Is who is this guy and how can he help anyone with finding their pathway to a career that fits them with purpose, prosperity, and passion?

It's a good question that should be asked?

I have spent my 20-plus years as a working professional in many different industries and roles. Something looking back, that now I can see there was a plan for. But that wasn’t how I always saw it. (Learn more about me in the episode)

The first “official” episode for the Career Adventure podcast will launch August 1 on whatever platform you get your podcasts.  I prefer Overcast, but Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and others are great too. 

We will talk to guests that you will know of, and other you will be introduced to. These will be for the odd numbered episodes.

Many will be people I have met along my Career Adventure, through different network circles. 

It will be special for me to catch up with former coworkers, bosses and friends.  Plus we will connect with other experts when it comes to learning more about college and career topics.

For the even episodes, will be content driven from me.  These will be topics I am working through and learning, and will want you to be a part of that and have you relay them to your Career Adventure.

Generally I will keep these episodes at about 20-30 minutes in length. Sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less.  I always figured that is enough time for you during your commute, your workout or just taking time to listen and learn.

I do look forward to having you subscribe to this podcast and hear future episodes on how we can work together in helping to build a Career Adventure that will motivate you to a career that is purposeful, will make you prosperous in life and you will become passionate about the work you do.

Welcome to your Career Adventure…..

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