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That rOb GuY Podcast Network
73 MIN2018 SEP 22
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SLOW BURN - 065 (Clean Your Toilet) 09-21-18 Today on a very special extra crass edition of Slow Burn Mel gets a haircut and learns about adult stuff (That's your warning)... When 9 o'clock is your bedtime you're gonna have a dull week... Gangsta' ass shit!... Disney magnets & Steve rides Space Mountain... #FitzMagic is running wild through Slow Burn... Norm MacDonald Has A Show... Video Games: Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider, Fire Pro, Switch Online Wrestling News: BOLA, Delaware's finest, 619s & concussions... #MLWWarGames #HIAC recap #Raw #Smackdown #205Live #NXT #MaeYoungClassic MUSIC: Pearl Jam - "Hail, Hail" White Zombie - "Thunder kiss '65 LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TRGPN Twitter- rOb - @ThatrObGuYPN Mel - @MelicTheGreat Steve - @SteveBelieve82 PodBean- http://trgpn.podbean.com/ YouTube: That rOb Guy Podcast Network E-Mail: ThatrObGuYPodcastNetwork@gmail.com NEW EPISODES OF SLOW BURN EVERY WEEK