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That rOb GuY Podcast Network
73 MIN2018 OCT 21
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SLOW BURN - 069 (Consensual Kink) 10-19-18 It's episode 69 and we are getting kinky! #ThatsAKink... We talk last weeks brunch and Mel's science experiment he had to do for coffee... Can you touch the floor?... Rat tails whos got em'?... Steve (and the lady) have baby fever and Mel and I bring the hate hitting questions... Mel brings up suppressed memories of speech therapy... Video Games: Assassins Creed, WWE2k19, Red Dead 2, MegaMan 11... Entertainment: Haunting of Hill House, Big Mouth, Halloween and horror movies... Wrestling News: 2 for 1 knee surgeries, Omega vs Rollins where's your $$$, Y2J & JR new wrestling fed?, more #WWECrownJewel mess spoiler alert they killed him (#BoycottWWECrownJewel) and my conspiracy theory that could happen, Impact HOF... #BFGCOMDA #RAW #SD1000 #NXTUK #NXT #205Live #MYC2... Go to sleep Mel! MUSIC: The Weakerthans - "A Plea From A Cat Named Virtute" Bad Religion - "I Want To Conquer The World" LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TRGPN Twitter- rOb - @ThatrObGuYPN Mel - @MelicTheGreat Steve - @SteveBelieve82 PodBean- http://trgpn.podbean.com/ YouTube: That rOb Guy Podcast Network E-Mail: ThatrObGuYPodcastNetwork@gmail.com NEW EPISODES OF SLOW BURN EVERY WEEK