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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
54 min2017 AUG 10
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After yet another lengthy hiatus, we return with no real plan, so because it's early August, we naturally discussed the upcoming college football season. Sorry, Barb! Among the topics in this super smooth and not at all awkward episode:

---Brandon reinventing our cold open by starting with his camera turned on, laying in bed.
---It takes 4 minutes just to do proper introductions for each of us, before which we manage to get on a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tangent.
---Inevitable North Korea references.
---We are not worthy of how amazing Lane-Kiffin-to-Ole-Miss would be.
---We kick off our SEC East podcast by discussing the SEC West for about 10 minutes. Our brand may be meandering, but we're on brand, dangit.
---Tennessee hate.
---We play "Did this SEC quarterback have a higher or lower completion percentage than Austin Appleby in 2016?"
---Salty discussion of LSU.
---Illustrating Wayne's childlike stress watching 2016 LSU-Florida.
---Jamie going full homer and talking himself into a 5-7 Tennessee team.
---Never name your kids after Tennessee Volunteer stuff, unless you name them Five, And, and Seven.


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