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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
50 min2019 JUN 30
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 We Don't Know Anything roars back to life from quite literal death, aptly discussing zombies. We stagger mumbling and growling through the following topics:

--- Star Wars makes an immediate appearance.

--- "Oh, we're talking about Miami bath salts and eating a man's face!"

--- Splitting hairs about Miami stories vs. Florida stories.

--- "Florida Clue would be a really awesome game."

--- "...genetically modified alligators with laser beams on their heads..."

--- "This is now an alligator podcast." "I mean, it's always been a Gator podcast."

--- Cody mixes up "Will Smith vs infected zombies" and "Jesus vs demon-possessed man."

--- "I forget all that legal stuff," says the lawyer. Reassuring.

--- "I'm in favor of the police in general, uh, just not the Waldo police."

--- Speed limits on 301 out of Gainesville: "The speed limit is 35 and they are militant; 36 you're getting a ticket, 37 you're going to jail." "Forty: immediate execution."

--- Comparing knockoff naming with 'Galaxy Quest' and Law and Order: SVU's "Five Crazy."

--- "The number of shenanigans that happened in that apartment, um, you know, as far as, uh, you know, hopefully I'm still able to have children."

--- Extensive discussions of video game memories.

--- Audibly furious typing as Jamie coordinates how to end the episode and misses the actual topic. 

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