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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
57 min2016 AUG 2
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We Don't Know Anything shamelessly panders to current events with this episode, focusing on the upcoming Olympics. Among the topics either directly, indirectly or not at all related to the Olympics:

---the story of a college friend who attempted to eat the equivalent of Michael Phelps' peak training caloric intake, solely in bananas (it didn't end well)

---the stellar patient care provided by the UF infirmary ("Here's some Gatorade!")

---the winter biathlon, which is basically making a sport out of a James Bond ski scene

---Steve Spurrier's return to UF as a consultant/ambassador for the football program (a solid 8-minute tangent)

---Jamie outing Cody with the second accidental reveal of a last name

---Brandon doesn't know anything about ending a podcast, which is why he tries to bridge to another topic as we end the recording

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