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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
56 min2016 NOV 28
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In this episode, We Don't Know Anything About Parody Podcasts. Brandon was sadly absent due to car trouble, so Cody and Jamie tackled the following topics in a passable-at-best impression of the Internet’s only college football podcast, the Shutdown Fullcast:

---“Gluttony is the grandest of American traditions.”

---Bo Jackson’s pronunciation skills on display, in which “rivalry week” becomes, roughly, “rabblerdyweeke.”

---Don’t hire Ed Orgeron as an assistant coach, because he will eventually replace you.

---“Lamar Jackson, what the hell?”

---Pitt 76, Syracuse 61 – a thrilling early-season matchup between ACC powerhouse basketball teams!

---Nick Saban discussing Florida being difficult to stop, and the only way this makes sense is if he means he can’t keep them from getting off the bus and making it physically to the field of play.

---Our pathetically awful attempt at listener questions, which was only saved via text by Jamie’s sister.

---Dragging out the Tom Herman drama throughout the episode, except Jamie screwed up and mentioned Texas early in the episode.

---Oh, just a couple of Gators hatin' on Joe Alleva.

---Notre Dame is 4-8!

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