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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
41 min2017 FEB 8
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After a long and unintended hiatus, your favorite podcast gets back to doing what it does best: talking about (and, alternately, NOT talking about...) topical subjects selected at random. And in this, our eighth installment, we contend with every podcast's worst nightmare - SPOTTY INTERNET SERVICE! In between DSL-fueled loss of audio, we bring you the following maritime musings:

---We kick things off by almost parodying a CFB podcast again, and then shout out to one of our most dedicated listeners, who wouldn't stand to hear another CFB podcast.
---Jamie forgets to do introductions, because we're really good at podcasting.
---Brandon hopes to win a podcast Grammy, presumably after creating said award.
---"Not sure if you heard that, I'm just knocking pictures off my wall."
---Are we the first podcast to reference Jimmy Buffett, The Lonely Island, and old Christian hymns, all within about 5 minutes?
---"ROW THE BOAT!" ... Sorry for the CFB reference, Barb...
---The first audio outage for Jamie keeps him from steering Brandon away from a bad Titanic joke, and then he only makes it back to barely start explaining his absence before dropping out again.
---Probably our most magical unplanned moment to date, in which Jamie unknowingly stumbles upon the fact that the "chalupa" is named after a boat.
---Jamie's audio goes again shortly thereafter, proving to be like Voldemort: if you talk about it, bad things happen.
---Cody joins the "discussion roulette" when his laptop dies.
---Brandon wants to kick his laziness by buying a boat that requires a lot of upkeep, which is sort of like getting married to save a rocky relationship.
---Brandon, the boat mooch: "I don't mind pitching in for gas, just don't make me clean it and, like, store it."
---"No more football!" "ROW THE BOAT!!!"


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