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We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything

We Don't Know Anything
47 min2017 MAY 17
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Can we really call it a hiatus if we just seem to take months between every episode these days? Either way, the boys are back in town to bring rocket science down to earth - and by that, we mean instead of talking rocket science, we delve into such mysteries as:

---Cody prefers the Shutdown-Fullcast-esque introduction.
---Jamie's dad's rocket-scientist dad-joke.
---"This took a hard left turn real quick." -Brandon, not understanding how this podcast works, still.
---Guardians of the Galaxy references, including a hilariously coincidental pillow-pooping joke.
---"Bringing it back to rocket science for a brief, brief bit..." "Elon Musk!"
---This podcast has an elliptical orbit, in which we come really close to the intended topic before shooting way out into space again.
---Brandon's eco-friendly Unabomber phase, complete with a Tesla getaway car and solar panel roof, in the shade of the woods.
---This episode exists because Brandon wanted a sidebar about the Houston Rockets, but it took us so long to record this episode that they're out of the NBA playoffs.
---Our supposedly topical podcast keeps you up to date on current events, such as James Harden's Game 6 collapse and the Bow Wow Challenge.
---It takes Jamie until 39 minutes in to actually discuss rocket science.
---"I was totally wrong." -Brandon, surprising no one.
---Brandon gives a brief roundup of prices to get material to space, including an espresso machine and a gorilla suit. This results in discussing how terrible an actual live gorilla would be as an astronaut recruit.
---"Is Sears still open or did they close?" -Brandon, grasping extremely deep for topics in the waning minutes.
---Matt Damon, the original space pirate.
---Sorry we forgot to mention you, Steve from Paducah. It was a long hiatus...


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