Himalaya is a platform for podcasters to create podcasts, connect, and share content with their fans. When podcast creators use Himalaya, they can gain support from their listeners and interact with the podcast community like never before. We see our app as a bridge between listeners and podcasters to connect and engage in a meaningful way.

All creators can join Himalaya by creating an account at: https://www.himalaya.com/creator
If you already have an existing podcast, you can claim your show by following the steps at: https://www.himalaya.com/en/claim

To enable your Tip Jar and get donations from your fans, you must claim your show at: https://www.himalaya.com/en/claim

You must submit your Paypal information in order to get paid. You'll be paid on a monthly basis according to your financial balance reports. If you have any questions about your payment balance, please reach out to our customer support: creator-support@himalaya.com

Every voice in the Himalaya community is highly valued. We completely understand that some topics are more niche and have inherently smaller fan bases. We want to make sure that as a creator, you’re rewarded in results from the engagement you generate, and not just volume. It’s for this reason we offer great tools to enable further communication touch points with a listener community at any size.

You do not need to create content just for Himalaya. However, podcasts that generate exclusive content on Himalaya will have more opportunities to be featured in the app and in Himalaya’s marketing.

We understand if you have advertisements and/or sponsors. This is not a problem, and we encourage podcasters to search for compensation through many avenues. We believe content creators should be fairly compensated or rewarded for their content, so advertising is definitely up to you.

In the Himalaya app, go to your podcast profile. In the top right corner of your podcast is an arrow. Click on it and you’ll have the option to get a link to your podcast in Himalaya or to share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS!

Yes, the only way for your listeners to send you money through Himalaya is to download the Himalaya app. The app can be found on Google Play and Apple App store.

Not a problem, e-mail our customer support with the name of your podcast and your full name: creator-support@himalaya.com

It can take a couple of days for the support button to connect after you claimed your podcast. If you don’t see the support button on your profile after a week, please reach out to customer support: creator-support@himalaya.com

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