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Lemme Tell You


Lemme Tell You
17 MIN2019 OCT 9
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On the first official episode of Lemme Tell You, I give my thoughts on taking a break in your relationship and having a hoe phase. I feel like we all have our own definition of what a hoe phase is and what it consists of for us, as well as relationships and what we tolerate. so this is just a small taste of my opinion on how you could handle it if the topic ever arises for you. As well as having a little fun w/some scenarios a few of my followers sent me. Follow me on Instagram @_illuminini_ and give me your thoughts on tonight’s topics, or email me at Lemmetellyoupod@gmail.com to send me your topics, storytimes, and questions! I’d love your feedback so please leave me a review or comment about the show! Much love forever -Nini