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Beyond the Woods

Above & Beyond

Beyond the Woods
30 MINMAR 19
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In this episode of BTW, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our new CSO, Brent Rose. We are thrilled for him to share his story, information about our ever-changing industry, and how Beyond finds its' success by paving the way for the Fin-Tech world.

"At Beyond, there's a real key focus that is unique in where we are in the payments marketplace. The Business Advocates that we have truly advocate for their community businesses. These Advocates constantly ask themselves, "How do we help businesses grow and be successful in an ever-changing environment"

When many small businesses are competing against many of the big store retailers who have a lot of the technology that hasn't been attainable for small businesses in the past. Beyond, can bring that value to the small business owner and help them engage in multiple types of payments,

payroll, and employee management solutions."