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The Art Of Living with Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

The Art Of Living with Kathy Smith
32 MIN2019 OCT 9
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Growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone! A comfort zone is something you carry with you as you move through life. This comfort zone is very much like an invisible bubble of sorts that surrounds your psyche. And as you go about your day and encounter different circumstances, this bubble constantly expands and constricts depending on your situation. 

Having peak performance in life and in fitness starts by seeking that edge, that threshold, and staying there.  If you can’t confront something that’s outside of your comfort zone, then you won’t venture forward. And you can’t expand. In other words, you keep yourself limited. 

When it comes to this philosophy, Coach Bob Larsen was the master. When the running craze was in its infancy in the ‘70s, Coach Larsen took an unconventional group of young, rag-tag track and cross-country runners and launched them onto the national stage. During the course of his career, Coach Larsen developed sought-after training techniques that made him one of the greatest coaches of all time. 

Our guest is Matthew Futterman, author of Running to the Edge, which presents a riveting account of visionary coach Bob Larsen, who changed the sport of running in America.

The book is about the coach, the runners, and the training techniques. But even if you're not a runner, don’t miss this episode. There's a big takeaway for everyone, no matter what you do or who you are. This is a story about taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone, changing your destiny, and knowing that if you work hard, you can do better tomorrow than you did yesterday.

Matthew is a New York Times Deputy Sports Editor, and has previously worked for The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Star-Ledger of New Jersey, where he was a part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News. And, Matthew is also an avid runner.

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