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The Art Of Living with Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

The Art Of Living with Kathy Smith
36 MINMAR 20
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I know this is a bold question… but what if I asked you if you were satisfied with your sex life? You might think, “That’s a little  too personal to be talking about.” 

Today’s guest, Cindy Eckert,  is at the forefront of a movement to de-stigmatize this discussion, of sexual vitality, specifically as it relates to low libido.

Cindy is the creator of Addyi, a little pink pill to treat women with low or no  sexual desire. It has been labeled by the media as the female viagra. 

She fought an uphill battle to get ADDYI approved by the FDA, and sold her company for 1 billion dollars.

Through that experience, she got a first-hand lesson of what it meant for women to advocate for each other…. for better health outcomes, for better research for women, and for better business opportunities for women. 

Cindy is on  a mission to put women on top.  And that’s what prompted her to launch The Pink Ceiling in 2016… It was her way of helping female-focused businesses with capital as well a s mentorship. 

You can’t miss Cindy when she walks into the room. She’s unapologetically pink... from her clothes to her accessories. 

I’m excited about today’s show. Cindy is such a powerhouse when it comes to getting the attention and funding for women’s health issues… something that is desperately needed in this country! 

For more, visit www.kathysmith.com/podcast.