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Mueller Report Audio

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Mueller Report Audio
26 min2019 MAY 5
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Part 3 of 12 from Section II. Factual Results of the Obstruction Investigation. This subsection of Volume 2, pages 48-62, documents the days following the confirmation of the FBI's investigation into Russian interference and the President's reaction and the importance he placed on getting the word out that he wasn’t personally under investigation. 

The President's Reaction to Public Confirmation of the FBI's Russia Investigation (0:10)

  1. Attorney General Sessions Recuses From the Russia Investigation (1:02)
  2. FBI Director Comey Publicly Confirms the Existence of the Russia Investigation in Testimony Before HPSCI (6:26)
  3. The President Asks Intelligence Community Leaders to Make Public Statements that he had No Connection to Russia (11:43)
  4. The President Asks Comey to "Lift the Cloud" Created by the Russia Investigation (16:42)

Analysis (20:15)

  1. Obstructive act (20:28)
  2. Nexus to a proceeding (21:50)
  3. Intent (22:26)

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