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Mueller Report Audio

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Mueller Report Audio
27 min2019 MAY 5
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Part 5 of 12 from Section II. Clean version. Factual Results of the Obstruction Investigation. This subsection of Volume 2, pages 77-90, documents the reaction of the President when he heard the Special Counsel had been appointed, his efforts to point out conflicts of interest, and steps McGahn took when he felt he had no choice but to resign his position in the administration.

Note: This section contains explicit language. This is the clean version made available through most podcast outlets, so that it can continue to be available as widely as possible. The explicit version will be posted at muellerreportaudio.com.

The President's Efforts to Remove the Special Counsel (0:40)

  1. The Appointment of the Special Counsel and the President's Reaction (1:58)
  2. The President Asserts that the Special Counsel has Conflicts of Interest (5:55)
  3. The Press Reports that the President is Being Investigated for Obstruction of Justice and the President Directs the White House Counsel to Have the Special Counsel Removed (11:38)

Analysis (17:50)

  1. Obstructive act (18:00)
  2. Nexus to a proceeding (21:37)
  3. Intent (23:22)

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