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Mueller Report Audio

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Mueller Report Audio
17 MIN2019 MAY 5
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Part 6 of 12 from Section II. Factual Results of the Obstruction Investigation. This subsection of Volume 2, pages 90-98, discusses direction from the President, intended for Attorney General Sessions, to deliver a speech announcing limitations on the Special Counsel to limit the scope to investigating election meddling for future elections only.

The President's Efforts to Curtail the Special Counsel Investigation (0:10)

  1. The President Asks Corey Lewandowski to Deliver a Message to Sessions to Curtail the Special Counsel Investigation (1:00)
  2. The President Follows Up with Lewandowski (3:47)
  3. The President Publicly Criticizes Sessions in a New York Times Interview (5:50)
  4. The President Orders Priebus to Demand Sessions's Resignation (7:24)

Analysis (11:46)

  1. Obstructive act (12:02)
  2. Nexus to a proceeding (13:12)
  3. Intent (13:48)

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