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Clean Water Made Easy Podcast

Gerry Bulfin Master Water Specialist

Clean Water Made Easy Podcast
29 min2019 JUL 10
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On this latest installment of the Clean Water Made Easy Podcast, I talk about how to eliminate odors in well water. I also go over how to identify odors in well water and then walk listeners through the basics steps of eliminating these same odors. As with other issues we’ve discussed, causes may be surprising, but solutions to eliminate odors in yourwell water are not complicated. What You’ll Hear in this episode: 1. Kinds of odor in well water 2. What causes these odors? 3. The 4 basic methods of eliminating odor in well water 4. The 3 low-cost methods of eliminating odor 5. What types of water filters are best for treating odors 6. Dangers of hydrogen sulfide in water 7. Ideal water PH 8. What causes rusty water? 9. The importance of doing a water analysis 10. Easy tests you can do at home to analyze your water 11. How to do a physical inspection of your water 12. What happens when you aerate water? 13. Which oxidizer is the most economical? 14. Ways of removing bacteria in water. 15. What is the most affordable method of treating odor and bacteria? Transcript Eliminate Odors in Well Water Hello! Thanks again for tuning in to the Clean Water Made Easy podcast. Episode #6. My name is Gerry Bulfin. I’m a Water Treatment Contractor and WQA Certified Master Water Specialist. Hey I hope you’re having a great day wherever you’re listening. You know this podcast series is here to help you learn all about well water, water treatment systems, how wells work, and how to improve the quality of your well water. Free Book Download In today’s episode, we’re going to cover the basics of how to eliminate odor in well water, particularly rotten egg odor and we’ll talk about the other kinds of odors that folks run into as well. Some years ago I wrote a book called The Definitive Guide to Well Water Treatment. It’s being sold on Amazon, we update it every year and you know one section of that book, How to Remove Odors in Well Water, is actually one of the most downloaded guides. I have that separately as a guide and for listeners of this podcast, I’m offering it to you for free. The How to Remove Odors from Well Water is an easy to follow guide, a handy checklist, step by step lists and guides and pictures and useful information all about removing odor from well water. It covers a lot of what we’ll talk about in today’s episode. Although it’s more in-depth that you can take your time and look at what section pertains to you that kind of thing. You can get this free guide by texting the wordODORGUIDE to 44222 or you can go on website cleanwaterstore.com/podcasts and find this episode and you can get it from there. So again if you want it might be easy just text the word ODORGUIDE to 44222 and we’ll get that going to you. Podcast subtopics In this episode, we’re going to cover: What is the cause of the odor in my well water? What’s the best way to eliminate odor without spending a lot of money? What types of filters or systems are out there to treat odors? We’ll also cover how you can run a little test at home and see what approach would work to eliminate odors in your well water without spending any money. Rotten Egg Odor So the most common odor that we run into is rotten egg odor which is hydrogen sulfide gas. It has a very distinctive rotten egg odor and it may be especially present in those homes running hot water but you can find it in cold and hot water. This kind of water discolors coffee, tea, and other beverages and it alters the appearance and taste of cooked foods. Truly a nuisance.