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Fit For Thought

Alexandra Newton

Fit For Thought
52 min2017 OCT 16
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Where do you get inspiration from? A great film, a compelling novel, how about influencers in your network? I'm inspired by the people around me who I identify as passionate, creative, intelligent and driven. I can't help but feel inspired by them! Another persons success or happiness shouldn't counteract your own. It's an opportunity to learn and to grow. To quote Anne Friedman, "surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better." 

For me, one such person is a photographer, blogger, fellow podcaster and founder of The E Project, Jodianne Beckford. The E Project is a platform that showcases this generation's current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Jodianne's ultimate goal is to inspire people to go for what they want, work hard and make their passion a reality. 

Some of the things you'll learn on this episode: 

  • What Shine Theory is how you can use it 
  • Tips of creating and running a successful podcast 
  • How to build a network of people you find inspiring 
  • Common habits/practices of creatives and entrepreneurs 
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome 

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