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Fit For Thought

Alexandra Newton

Fit For Thought
26 min2017 NOV 14
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A listener of the show recently messaged me and asked what are the best supplements to take while training. First, I want to say thanks for reaching out and asking what I think is an important question. In their simplest form supplements are single compounds which have been demonstrated to yield some type of benefit if taken. They play a vital role in supporting and enhancing your health and athletic performance. However, I’m going to take a lesson out of Tom Purvis’ playbook and ask for whom and what type of training are they doing? The right supplement will differ from person to person, and will depend on their individual needs, biochemical makeup and training goals. However, I’ll do my best to talk about the supplements I believe are effective tools for building muscle, restoring energy and recovering from a workout.  

Disclaimer: I want to stress that supplements should never be used in place of eating nutrient dense foods that work in relation to your training goals and biochemical makeup. Also, what I’m about to share is not intended to substitute for the service of a trained healthcare practitioner. Please consult with you health care practitioner - be they a doctor, holistic nutritionists or otherwise - before engaging in any diet or supplement regime.

Some of the things you'll learn on this episode

  • Tips and tricks for buying quality supplements
  • What chelated minerals are and why it's important to look for minerals that are bound to amino acids vs. organic salts
  • How dehydration can negatively impact muscular growth, power output and recovery
  • What branch chain amino acids are and why they're important for muscle strength and growth and repair
  • What type of carbs you should eat post-workout
  • The relationship between magnesium, glutamine and recovery