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Fit For Thought

Alexandra Newton

Fit For Thought
54 min2018 JAN 8
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If you’re on Instagram and follow what’s going on in the Toronto fitness community, then you’ve likely come across personal trainer, certified holistic nutritionist and founder of All Day Fit, Cassie Day. Cassie passion for fitness and presence on social media is empowering. Since starting All Day Fit in 2016, Cassie has garnered considerable recognition in the fitness entrepreneurship space. In this wide-ranging episode, we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • What motivates and inspires Cassie  
  • What the four pillars of All Day Fit are and how they play into Cassie's business
  • Where Cassie sees the most engagement from the fitness community on social media
  • How Cassie decides what companies and brands to her align herself with
  • The habits and practices that help Cassie to thrive as an entrepreneur
  • How Cassie uses performance necessity to stay motivated
  • Cassie's advice for knowing when to stay the course and double down on a commitment or cut your losses and move on
  • Our mutual passion for customer experience and why it's a priority for All Day Fit
  • The biggest lessons that have impacted the way Cassie runs her business 
  • Her proudest moments since starting All Day Fit
  • The one thing Cassie wants you to take-away from this interview 

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