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Fit For Thought

Alexandra Newton

Fit For Thought
52 min2018 MAR 20
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I recently co-hosted a professional development and networking event where Toronto-based lawyer, athlete and entrepreneur, Darielle Teitelbaum, was the keynote speaker. Over the years, Darielle has combined her passions for fitness, creativity and advocacy to create AWE Legal - a boutique law firm that helps people develop their business goals and protects athletes and entrepreneurs by using the law effectively. I was inspired by Darielle’s wealth of knowledge, her ability to simplify complex legal concepts, as well as her passion for helping people. Needless to say I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation to be a guest on the show. For the athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors out there, have you ever wondered what you’re signing when a fitness professional, clinic or gym hands you a waiver of liability? For the fitness entrepreneurs out there, do you know the laws that govern the way you can communicate with prospective clients? Well, you’re in luck! Darielle is here to give us a high level overview of the legal landscape and answer some common questions. Think of it as another way of setting yourself up for future gains.