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Self Care Sundays

Aditi Juneja

Self Care Sundays
31 min2018 JUL 1
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Jerico Mandybur is a culture writer and editorial director at GirlBoss. She’s also the host of Self Service, a weekly podcast on a mission to empower women through tarot and astrology.

On this episode, we talk to Jerico about some of her favorite cosmic forms of self-care, astrology’s newfound trendiness, and finding a sense of community in spirituality. She also sheds a light on her struggles as a woman in media and taking pride in her beliefs in the workplace.

As a native Australian, Jerico also provides some perspective on the differences between American and Australian work culture, generational gaps in self-care literacy, and striking a balance between work and relaxation.

You can keep up with GirlBoss on their Twitter and be sure to tune in with Jerico on her own podcast, Self Service. You can also connect with her on Twitter and on Instagram. As always, you can find this episode and much more on our social media @SelfCareSundays.

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