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Self Care Sundays

Aditi Juneja

Self Care Sundays
32 min2018 JUL 8
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On this episode, we’re talking to Chicago-based artist and activist, Maxwell Emcays. Maxwell got his start with t-shirt design and eventually made a name for himself with Never Forget Chi, a project that aims to memorialize the lost lives of young Chicago residents who are often forgotten in the world of fast-paced media consumption.

We talk to Maxwell about his work as a youth mentor and his goals to teach kids in underserved areas to value themselves and overcome the hardships they face. In this way, Maxwell strikes a balance between his own self-care regimen and his passion for community care.

Maxwell recounts how he developed his artistic identity as a child of immigrants, considering the meaning of “toughness” in masculinity. He also sheds a light on artistic classifications such as “fine” and “low” art and the hidden prejudice within these words.

You can find more from Maxwell on his website and be sure to check out Never Forget Chi on Facebook! As always, you can find this episode and much more on our social media @SelfCareSundays.

The transcription for Maxwell's episode can be found here.