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Self Care Sundays

Aditi Juneja

Self Care Sundays
25 MIN2018 JUL 15
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On this episode, we’re talking with Jehmu Greene, a Democratic strategist, Fox News contributor, Board Chair of Vote Run Lead, and former candidate for DNC Chair.

Jehmu shares how she came about cultivating self-care habits while battling exhaustion on the road with Rock The Vote. For her, the decision to make space for things outside of work was life or death.

We talk to Jehmu about her civic engagement with VoteRunLead, keeping her cool during heated discussions on Fox News, and taking charge of your media consumption. She also unpacks the “angry black woman” stereotype as a black woman in media.

Although she’s not online very often, you can still find Jehmu on both Facebook and Twitter. As always, you can find this episode and much more on our Twitter and Instagram at @SelfCareSundays and on Facebook at @SelfCareSundaysPodcast.

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The transcription for this episode is available here.