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Stepfamily Central - Rachelle Katz, Ed.D.

Rachelle Katz, Ed.D.

Stepfamily Central - Rachelle Katz, Ed.D.
30 min2014 MAR 10
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Today on Stepfamily Central, Rachelle continues her conversation with Dr. Jeannette Lofas, and talks to her about the pros and cons of joint custody when couples divorce. Jeannette is affectionately considered to be the wise woman of the stepfamily community and is a leading authority on stepfamilies. In fact, she won a presidential award for her work. She has written five books: among which is Living in Step, Stepparenting: Everything You Need to Know to Make It Work, How to Be A Parent, and He's OK, She's OK: Honoring the Differences Between Men and Women. Jeannette is the President and Founder of Stepfamily Foundation, Inc. Besides working with stepfamilies to help improve their lives, Jeannette trains mental health professionals to become stepfamily coaches and counselors. She is offering another certification class the weekend of April 26 & 27th of this year. You can find out more about Jeannette and her certification program by going to her website, http://www.stepfamily.org.