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KRCB-FM: WordTemple


KRCB-FM: WordTemple
58 min2017 SEP 18
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WordTemple host Katherine Hastings airs a reading by Gregory W. Randall recorded at the WordTemple Poetry Series in June of 2017. Randall was celebrating the release of his first full-length collection of poetry, A Cartography of Selves. Susan Terris says “A Cartography of Selves is a series of complex, luminous poems. Some are in the voice of the poet, examining his many selves. Others are intimate views of the relationship of husband to wife, wife to husband, all told with a raw, loving, compelling urgency. There are also poems that delve into art, artists, music and nature, approaching these subjects with a similar sense of the transience of beauty.” Hastings says, “From the first poem in A Cartography of Selves where a young boy searches earnestly for the lunar Sea of Serenity as a place of refuge for himself and his mother, to poems where lovers discover each others bodies or “sit in lawn chairs in broad daylight/with shotguns and a case of beer,’ this collection offers a ...