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KRCB-FM: WordTemple


KRCB-FM: WordTemple
58 min2017 AUG 21
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On today’s program WordTemple host Katherine Hastings revisits interviews and readings with three poets — John Hart, Fred Ostrander and Bob Hicok. Poet and environmental journalist John Hart is the author of The Climbers (Pitt Poetry Series) and, most recently and to be included in a future program, Storm Camp. He is the winner of the James D. Phelan Award, the Commonwealth Club Medal in Californiana, and the David R. Brower Award for Service in the Field of Conservation. Editor of the literary magazine Blue Unicorn, Hart reads from his own work but also discusses his late father, Lawrence Hart, and the Lawrence Hart Seminars. Lawrence Hart taught a method of poetry writing he called Direct Sensory Reporting, a discipline any poet will find of interest. Fred Ostrander was a highly respected poet and mountain climber, having conquered mountains in Nepal and Bhutan. He was the author of three collections, the most recent being It Lasts a Moment. His work reflects his concerns about ...