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The Pet Photographers Club

Caitlin McColl and Kirstie McConnell

The Pet Photographers Club
31 MINFEB 27
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Travis Patenaude | Stinkeye Photography

In 2012 my wife and I were blessed to be rescued by a Galgo named Leena. This scared little white Galgo inspired my wife and I to start Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption (www.adoptagalgo.com) in 2013. When our group was first starting out, we were lucky enough to have a member of Hearts Speak (www.HeartsSpeak.org) take photographs of our adoptable Galgos and give me several tips to take better photos of our adoptable dogs. Since then I have been working on my photography skills and taking photos of the Galgos during our trips to Spain. Now I have the opportunity to pay it forward. My wife and I have made five trips to Spain to volunteer at the shelters and have transported 60 Galgos back to the US for adoption. In December 2014 I published my first photo book "Galgo Espanol After The Hunt" (http://www.blurb.com/b/6708469-galgo-espanol-after-the-hunt), and followed that we two more books.