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The Pet Photographers Club

Caitlin McColl and Kirstie McConnell

The Pet Photographers Club
22 MINAPR 24
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Tiffany Kelly

Join us for a live Member Spotlight episode, as we chat to Tiffany of Noble Soul Photography from Cleveland, Ohio.


About Tiffany: I am a full time vet clinic administrator by day, and by night and weekend I run my pet photography business, Noble Soul Photography. Noble Soul was created, and named in honor of my heart dog, Watson - who was just about as noble as they come.

I have studied photography for over a decade, but have only been actively working as a business since 2018. I was scared to make the leap to being a professional photographer, and worried I wouldn't have enough time - but one thing I have learned: when it counts - you will make the time!

I walk a fine line between my regular career and my side business, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. As for me personally, I am a super nerdy techie, and I am a sucker for anything crafty!