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The Pet Photographers Club

Caitlin McColl and Kirstie McConnell

The Pet Photographers Club
24 MINJUN 24
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Welcome back to Season Six of The Pet Photographers Club!

Beautifully timed with the end of Pride Month, we’re starting this season learning all about the Don’t You Want Me project. This documentary photographic series showcases the beauty and resilience of LGBTQ+ people with their rescued dogs. Jack Jackson, co-founder of the project (and fellow member of the Pet Photographers Club!) joined the podcast to tell us all about it.

Don’t You Want Me is a global social impact photo project - think Humans of New York, except with powerful queer and trans narratives combined with cute dogs - the project is bringing people to tears.

Photographers, dog lovers and humans on a mission Jack Jackson (Toronto) and Deb Klein (UK via Brooklyn) have joined forces to tell these powerful stories. In today’s episode, we chatted with Jack to find out their inspiration behind the project, the impact it’s having in the community and their goals for the future of DYWM.


- Collaborating with other photographers in photo projects- Using Facetime to conduct worldwide sessions- How Jack’s dog Jet saved their life