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Stop Child Abuse Now


Stop Child Abuse Now
90 minSEP 15
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Tonight's special guest is Alloysa C from Queens, New York , a survivor of childhood physical, mental and emotional abuse, and an adult advocate for Domestic Violence and Childhood Abuse. Growing up with an alcoholic father who was verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive. Alloysa didn’t have it easy with a mentally ill mother who was emotionally and physically abusive. "I am an overcomer of childhood abuse, domestic violence, loneliness, depression, neglect,and fear." Alloysa has a YouTube channel where she shares her story. "What affected me most about my father was his verbal abuse," she shares. "He felt like because he paid all the bills and provided financially, that he could treat me any way he wanted. My mother was mentally ill, very depressed. She blamed me for everything, but what affected me the most was her physical abuse. Alloysa explains, “This has led me to find my true identity in Jesus Christ’s real truth with purpose to live an adult life of freedom with joy, true love for myself, contentment, sanity, boldness, resilience, tenacity, clarity, ability to identify and avoid abuse .. and to unveil my purpose towards destiny each and everyday in who I am and called to be!” She says, “My experiences were not for happenstance and manifested to be a secret, but to share to give hope and help to the world that this does not have to be the end of your story.” Alloysa concludes, "By releasing my journey to the world, I am able to broaden others' outlook on life while connecting with them as a healthy role model and most notably grant them an opportunity that I never had as well as many would never have otherwise."