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The Great Rock N Roll Trivia Podcast

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The Great Rock N Roll Trivia Podcast
27 MINMAY 13
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Arizona has more than cacti and MAGA hats! The band without equal, Playboy Manbaby, lives a thirsty life in this dry land. Thirsty for fun and musical knowledge! Join myself, Robbie, David and TJ of Playboy Manbaby getting down with some 1960's Soul music trivia in this episode! Think you know Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Ray Charles? Listen and play along, that's the beauty of The Great Rock N Roll Trivia Podcast! You too can play along! Two songs by Playboy Manbaby are also featured, "High End Condos" and "Mulligan" off of the 2020 smash hit EP, "Debbie From Zumba".