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Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party!

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Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party!
78 MIN2019 OCT 25
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Welcome to Pamela Des Barre’s Pajama Party! Join Miss P as she welcomes guitarist extraordinaire Brian Ray! 
Known for almost twenty years now as one of the two axe-men (he’s the blonde) in Sir Paul McCartney’s tour band. Incredibly that's only one name in Brian's mind blowing career with many musical greats. Brian's career and his stories about how he got there will leave you wanting more.
Pamela and Brian have known each other for many years, in fact Brian once played in a summer band with Michael Des Barres, which is how they first met. Having been friends now for many years, this was a very easy pajama party. This was an incredible hang. Kick back, relax and enjoy the show.Guitarist Brian Ray’s extraordinary career has been a real-life rock & roll fantasy. Brian has the rare distinction of having worked at no other profession but music his entire adult life - and he has played alongside some legendary musicians in the process. He was Etta James Musical Director for 14 years, worked with Smokey Robinson and the illustrious list goes on and on. Ray does like to venture away from his regular gig by writing, recording and producing music for himself and others. 
Most importantly, Brian Ray has a brand new Album out, released through Little Steven Van Zandt's Record Label, Wicked Cool Records, Titled "Pirate Radio".
More on Brian here www.brianray.com
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