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Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party!

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Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party!
64 MINJUN 25
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In this episode Pamela sits down with Tony Gilkyson, a Los Angeles-based musician. He is the son of Jane Gilkyson and songwriter/folk musician Terry Gilkyson, as well as the brother of singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson. Gilkyson is a former member of Lone Justice and was a member of the band X from 1986 to 1995 where he replaced Billy Zoom after his departure and played on See How We Are and the albums that followed. He is also a record producer, having worked with Exene Cervenka, Eleni Mandell, Chuck E. Weiss and Dave Alvin.
Check out all info on my website: www.pameladesbarres.com
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