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Actual Conversations

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Actual Conversations
96 min2017 OCT 11
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We sat down with a couple Villebillies to talk music (obviously), life, marijuana legalization, and paranormal activity. We got into what they're up to in their careers and drifted off in all kinds of directions, as we usually do. We could go on and on with these dudes. Some of my favorite people to talk to. 


If you aren't familiar with these guys, you can find several music videos on YouTube and several albums on all digital music outlets under Villebillies, Bass Drum Aliens, Ipcus Pinecone, and Iron Bells. You can also check out the Tuck and Demi Webcast on YouTube for awesome music industry stories and the like. Or, you can just look up Dustin Tucker and Demi Demaree on Facebook and follow them. 




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