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Actual Conversations

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Actual Conversations
150 MIN2017 NOV 17
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In this episode we sat down for a discussion with Kogan Dumb of Bird Zoo & Touch AC, 2 of the most creative artists in Louisville's music scene & solid contributors to the world of analytical dialogue. Too much? That's fine, we enjoyed ourselves. We obviously talked about what music projects they have in the works, then on into performance stories & band "chemistry", rape culture intolerance, religions, gender identifications, and so much more, all littered with honest thoughts and ideas. Most importantly, sent Rich off with shots of bourbon and discussed possibilities for the future of the podcast. 

This episode is dedicated to Richard Herrell for bringing it to life, providing the space & equipment for it, engineering it, uploading episodes, making commercials, contributing to every conversation, etc etc. Thank you! 

Kogan Dumb & Bird Zoo - http://www.bandanabottles.com

Touch AC - https://toucharmorclass.bandcamp.com

This podcast is brought to you by...... ME! Peace to your lives!