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The Ezra Klein Show


The Ezra Klein Show
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Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through 2020. What a great year so far, huh? Just a delight. That means it’s time for an AMA. Among the questions you asked:

If Joe Biden is elected president, what should his administration's first legislative priority be? 

What were the best critiques of Why We’re Polarized? 

How much of today's political conflict comes down to the Boomer/Millennial divide?

What’s your reading process?

What does preparation for EK Show episodes look like?

If you were only intellectually accountable to beauty and not truth, what religion would you choose? 

What’s your favorite non-Vox podcast?

What’s your biggest takeaway from year 1 of being a dad?

East coast or west coast? 

What are the episodes that you have the most fun doing? 

What’s an important identity of yours that doesn’t usually come out on the show? 

Roge Karma joins me for this one.

"In praise of polarization" by Ezra Klein
"Imagining the nonviolent state" by Ezra Klein

Ezra's book recommendations:
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
Beyond Ideology by Francis Lee
What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer 

Most fun EK Shows:
I build a world with fantasy master N.K. Jemisin
The art of attention, with Jenny Odell
Tracy K. Smith changed how I read poetry
How Hasan Minhaj is reinventing political comedy

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Producer/Editer/Audio Wizard - Jeff Geld
Researcher/Guest host - Roge Karma
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