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The Ryan & Dave Show

Ryan Gallant

The Ryan & Dave Show
91 minMAY 19
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Ryan and Dave welcome friend of the show Justin back for their first in-person podcast since Covidmania first swept the globe. Justin's pick is Sam Raimi's shlock splatterhouse classic that was both a sequel and a sort of remake to the Spider-man director's '83 original. Your hosts and Justin break down the making of low-budget horror on a shoestring, as well as various influences on the genre the film had in the years ahead. Also, Ryan has an eye for ocular puns, Dave relays the similarity between Ash's lonely psychotic episode to real life psychosis, and Justin hates Ryan forever for those aforementioned puns. Next week, Madge Mossberg returns to finish the job she started with "The Godfather" - "The Godfather: Part III"!